Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion for Metal Production

LINDE Oxygen-enhanced combustion for metal production

Next generation productivity

Fuel can be expensive. So why waste it? Our Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) technology is an award-winning technology that represents the next generation of flameless oxygen-enhanced combustion for steel reheating. This application provides you with a flexible, low-cost way to convert burners from air-fuel to oxy-fuel systems. It can increase productivity, decrease fuel consumption, lower operating costs and reduce emissions. See how Linde can help you meet your financial and environmental metal production goals with DOC.

Conventional air-fuel burners inject significant amounts of nitrogen that get heated and exhausted from the furnace, resulting in unnecessary heat and energy losses. DOC technology uses oxy-fuel burners that eliminate the air — and therefore, the nitrogen. The benefits of this alternative process include fuel savings of up to 50%, productivity increases of 10-35%, reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions, and improved heating uniformity. And you can get all of these benefits in a simple, low-maintenance system. DOC burners are extremely compact, even allowing them to be retrofitted within the existing air-firing system of your metal production facility. This unique advantage provides operators with ease of installation and the flexibility for on-demand operation.

Our DOC technology has been installed in hundreds of different furnaces worldwide, including continuous steel reheat furnaces, batch reheat furnaces for steel and non-ferrous materials, and forge furnaces. Let’s revamp your furnace for fuel savings, productivity improvements and emissions reductions.

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