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Food Technology Laboratory
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What to Expect

When you work with the Linde Food Lab, we will:

  • Collect data on the thermal characteristics of your product using thermal analysis & calorimetry testing
  • Determine the optimal parameters for freezing and chilling options
  • Evaluate with you how your product looks, handles and tastes using our test kitchen
  • Recommend cryogenic equipment and process adjustments for ways to better meet your production goals

Whether you need to see and evaluate space saving spiral equipment for rapid heat removal or better understand our flighted-belt systems for IQF production, the Food Technology Laboratory is an invaluable starting point.

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Perfect Your Product

What sets Linde apart from the competition? Our capability to help you thoroughly understand how cryogenic freezing systems will affect your product, and how making changes to your current method could benefit your operations. In our Food Technologies Laboratory, you have access to a diverse group of experts who will happily share their experience and discuss the best way to improve your new or existing process.

Bagels in food lab test
More Options

Our lab is a full-time facility, staffed with experienced and dedicated technicians. Here we conduct tests using full-size production equipment and provide accurate and detailed equipment capacity sizing and freezing rate curves — often answering your most difficult product or processing questions — so that you can optimize your system.

The Food Lab has been helping customers determine optimal freezing and chilling procedures for over 50 years. Our evaluations are supported by data collected from thousands of tests on actual food products, in-lab thermal analyses and product testing on production-scale equipment.

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