Direct Oxygen Injection for Chemicals

linde Direct Oxygen Injection and Chemical Manufacturing Productivity

Injecting productivity into your business

Inject your business with a low-cost solution that delivers chemical manufacturing flexibility and dramatically reduces harmful emissions. In direct injection applications, the oxygen is directly injected into the reactor, allowing you to target oxygen where it’s needed most. This reduces by-product formation in oxygen-starved areas of the reactor and increases chemical plant productivity. At Linde, we have commercial experience with direct oxygen injection to increase capacity in the chemical manufacturing of caprolactam, acrylonitrile, maleic anhydride and nitric acid.

Benefits of direct oxygen injection include a more uniform distribution of oxygen, improved oxygen mass transfer, and increased chemical manufacturing productivity over air enrichment, with up to 32% increased capacity. Not only that, when you use direct injection in a nitric acid plant, you can achieve chemical production increases of up to 20%. Additional benefits include increasing acid strength by up to 2% on an absolute basis, reducing NOx formation by as much as 90%, and optimizing the ability to maintain colorless acid product.

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