Alternative Fuels for Transportation

Hydrogen Helps Meet Future Needs

Hydrogen has a wide variety of uses across industries as a whole and those uses are expanding every day as we look to fuel the economy. We are moving from helping clean-up traditional fuels to new energy alternatives to decarbonize our fuel mix. Hydrogen at varying carbon intensities fuels a small but growing number of the cars we drive and soon more of the trucks that haul goods. A low-carbon intensity hydrogen supply helps power vehicles responsibly. We supply lower-carbon intensity hydrogen for powering vehicles that can run on alternative fuels. Transitioning to alternative fuels in the aviation, automotive, fleet trucks & buses, and material handling industries paves the way for companies to reduce their carbon footprints.

Mobile Refueling

Vehicles with a built-in power plant that matches the range of combustion engines.
More details on mobile hydrogen refueling

Aviation & Aircraft

The incorporation of hydrogen into a fueling system helps with decarbonization of combustion emissions.
Options for aviation fueling

Heavy-Duty Trucks and Bus Fleets

Applications supported by partnerships in the industry for continued development of hydrogen-based energy.
Fuel demonstrations are in the planning stages

Passenger Vehicles

Growing support for transportation advances with sustainable options for cars.
Hydrogen-powered mobility is compelling

Marine Vessels

Hydrogen used as a maritime fuel has potential for reducing carbon emissions.
Defining the sector's transition to a climate-friendly fuel

Rail Systems

Hydrogen for rail service supports a carbon neutral economy.
Utilization of existing rail infrastructure

Forklifts & Material Handling

Hydrogen stores more energy than batteries for operation of lift trucks.
Decarbonizing the fuel sources with hydrogen

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