A Better Alternative to Chlorine

Ozone Bleaching with Ozone, derived from oxygen, reduces chlorine usage during this step in the process.
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Reducing Chemical Use

The pulp and paper industry depends on water resources. Today, there are more stringent regulations on effluent discharges to receiving waters, particularly for bleached pulp mills.

In response to our planet’s growing environmental challenges, pulp and paper mills have eliminated the use of chemicals like chlorine in bleaching processes in order to eliminate the production of adsorbable organic compounds (AOX).

The Power of Ozone

Ozone has been successfully used in pulp bleaching offering high pulp brightness and strength with lower pulp production costs over a longer period of time accommodated by an ecologically clean process. The highest ozone concentration and effective ozone dissolution methods make the process extremely effective. Pulp mills use ozone for pulp bleaching, and it is considered an economic & ecologically clean technology.

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