Syngas Processing
Enhance syngas production and reforming with Linde's hot oxygen technology and oxygen supply

Syngas, also known as synthesis gas, is a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. It is utilized in the production of various chemicals and fuels and serves as a crucial raw material for the chemical and energy sectors. The main chemicals produced from syngas include methanol, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can then be used to produce other chemicals. Syngas can be produced from various feedstocks, but the most common method is coal gasification, which involves the use of steam and oxygen at high temperatures. In the United States, the majority of syngas is produced through the steam reforming of methane.

Hot oxygen burner technology for syngas production & reforming

Linde offers the Hot Oxygen Burner (HOB) technology for syngas production from natural gas and for increasing syngas yield from lower temperature gasifiers by converting residual tars and hydrocarbons present in the raw syngas product. Hot Oxygen Burner technology utilizes a high momentum jet of hot oxygen (>3,600º F) to rapidly and efficiently entrain a feedstock so that it may be partially oxidized to a syngas. The combination of high temperature heat generation and high oxygen concentration allows the Linde HOB-based process to provide high-quality syngas that is predominantly carbon monoxide and hydrogen - a yield much different than when using ambient temperature oxygen. The HOB has been shown to work well with a diverse range of feedstocks and has the added advantages of not requiring steam or a catalyst to achieve high syngas yields.

HOB technology can form the core of a small syngas production plant where the feedstock is natural gas. Our gasification technology can also be used as a secondary syngas reformer to improve the yield and quality of syngas produced via gasification.

Hot Oxygen Burner

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