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The Future of Hydrogen
Decarbonizing transportation includes replacement of fossil fuels, such as diesel, with hydrogen produced from renewable feedstock and/or lower-carbon power energy. The utilization of hydrogen fuel cell technology coupled with Linde low to zero carbon intensity hydrogen makes significant reduction of greenhouse gas pollutants a reality, creating a healthier environment for the people and our planet.
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Zero emission refueling
Introducing the Linde Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station

To demonstrate and promote the use of hydrogen as a fuel option, Linde offers mobile hydrogen refueling stations that provide fast and timely hydrogen refueling for hydrogen fuel cell fleet vehicles. The mobile system consists of a skid-mounted hydrogen refueling dispenser along with a hydrogen delivery trailer capable of holding two hydrogen container units. The mobile fueler system has the advantages of flexibility, high filling capacity, reliable performance, simple and convenient use.

At present, hydrogen energy infrastructure has become one of the main obstacles restricting the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. Mobile hydrogen refueling stations are capable of repositioning to meet hydrogen fueling needs in a number of settings. The mobile hydrogen refueling station has many advantages such as optimum maneuverability, larger service radius, wider coverage, and stronger demonstration effect.

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Hydrogen as Vehicle Fuel

There is a global consensus that there is a need to lower carbon emissions in order to combat climate change. The transportation sector represents the largest contributor of greenhouses gases and, as such, reducing carbon emissions must be addressed. This need will only compound with the growing population. In other words, as population grows, more people drive or move from place to place.

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