CO2 for Greenhouse Growing of Fruit & Vegetable Crops

Optimal Greenhouse Growing
Optimal greenhouse growing can be achieved with the effective use of Linde carbon dioxide.
Greenhouse lettuce
Tomatoes growing in glass greenhouse
Greater Yield and Stronger Stems

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential component of photosynthesis. Sugars produced during photosynthesis are used for growth within the plant via the respiration process. CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigor. Examples include earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, improved stem strength and flower size. Greenhouse Growing literature

Greenhouse strawberries ready for harvest
The Carbon Dioxide Advantage

Using liquid CO2 from Linde provides advantages to growers including purity of product, no concerns about crop damage, no heat or moisture production, better control of CO2 levels and the flexibility to introduce the CO2 within the plant canopy at any time.

Liquid CO2 is low-cost to install and the process is a simple one. Linde can provide product right when it’s needed, and the levels of CO2 can be programmed to reflect your growing conditions. For a small operation the CO2 may be supplied in cylinders.

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