Helping the World Transition to Cleaner Fuels

Biomass & Biofuels

An important pathway for the production of renewable liquid fuels is the gasification of carbon-containing solids such as biomass or municipal waste. Many of the gasification processes and reforming processes in use today require oxygen.

Gasification & Syngas Production

Gasification or reforming needs from materials that include natural gas, coal, heavy oils, petroleum coke, carbon-rich biomass or biogas.

Hot Oxygen Burner (HOB)

Technology for syngas production from natural gas and for increasing syngas yield from lower temperature gasifiers by converting residual tars and hydrocarbons.

Wood Pellet Storage

The potential for a silo fire is one of the largest issues with wood-pellet storage. Injecting nitrogen gas has proven to be an effective way to counteract a potential silo fire.

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