Equipment Systems for Gas Application in Markets from Aquaculture to Welding

Equipment Systems for Gas Application Technologies
CRYOLINE UPS ultra performance spiral freezer
Equipment Systems Optimized for Performance and Productivity
Our exceptionally diverse and deep portfolio builds on the hands-on experience our application and service experts have gathered over the years, the insights we have gained at our test and innovation centers, and our close collaboration with customers. Spanning everything from personal protective equipment for welders through food chilling and freezing technologies to advanced gas applications for emerging gas-enabled manufacturing processes, our offering has the right fit for your specific needs.
SOLVOCARB with workers next to basin - aerial view ADDvance Oxygen precision box with EOS 3D printer and employee Oxygen enhanced burner with flame

Additive Manufactuing Powder Production

Aquaculture Oxygen Dissolution Systems and Technical Support

Linde oxygen and oxygenation systems help the aquaculture industry tackle a number of operational challenges. Reducing aquaculture’s footprint through efficient oxygenation of fish tanks while helping fish farming operations become economically viable is at the core of our technology offerings.
Oxygen dissolution equipment & Linde innovation center for aquaculture

Burners and Combustion Equipment

Chemical Emissions & Fluid Temperature Control

Food Freezing & Chilling Equipment Systems

The CRYOLINE® family of cryogenic food freezers and ACCU-CHILL® chilling systems utilize either liquid CO2 or liquid N2 to rapidly remove heat from food products and may help maintain product quality and limit moisture loss.
All food freezing and chilling equipment from Linde

Manufactuing & Material Processing Gas Application Equipment

We offer years of experience in the field, a diverse portfolio of heat treating, process, and specialty gases, and applications technologies that can improve the quality and appearance of your products.
Linde's manufacturing & materials processing support

Plastics Gas Supply & Process Equipment

Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment

We develop and deliver customized systems to help industrial plants and municipalities meet their water and wastewater management goals. We work directly with our customers to provide beginning-to-end treatment methods, from needs assessment and treatment strategy to equipment design, installation and industrial supply.
Industrial products for water & wastewater treatment

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