Tank & Terminal Maintenance

Cleaning and Decontamination Services for Tanks & Terminals

IN2ERT processes to accelerate cleaning and decontamination while controlling LEL

IN2ERT™ Accelerated Purging & Cleaning Service
Storage tank and ladder at a refinery
Linde Services Inc. delivers safe, reliable, and fast cleaning using the IN2ERT™ accelerated cleaning and purging technology to maintain equipment containing hydrocarbon residues or volatile organics. The residues left in clearing tanks, piping, and heat exchangers emit H2S and volatiles requiring suspension of maintenance activities.

The IN2ERT service provides asset owners a quick and efficient means to suppress toxins for maintenance work. With the IN2ERT process, the hydrocarbons are absorbed while the encapsulation of the internal contaminants and residues prevent further emission releases.

IN2ERT™ Accelerated Purging & Cleaning

IN2ERT™ Case Study - Chloride Treater 

Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)

Atmospheres with a concentration of flammable vapors at or above 10 percent of the lower explosive limit (LEL) are considered hazardous when located in confined spaces. However, even when a space contains or produces measurable flammable vapors below the 10 percent LEL, it might indicate that flammable vapors are being released or introduced into the space and could present a hazard in time. The Linde Services Inc. accelerated cleaning and purging technology address these concerns. IN2ERT technology lowers and stabilizes the LEL below 10% allowing for a clean entry into the vessels for repair or during re-commissioning.

IN2ERT Case Study - Mechanical Cleaning

Upper and lower explosion limits

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