Furnace Tube Decoking Process

The SANDJET™ Service
This Linde Services Inc. offering rapidly removes coke and scale deposits from furnace tubes through low angle impacts of particles propelled by a high velocity stream of pure nitrogen gas.
Nitrogen pumping trailer
The Complete System for Decoking

Mobile equipment operated by Linde Services Inc. is brought to the site. Typically, three types of trucks are involved at the process inlet. The first carries a nitrogen pumping unit and supply of liquid nitrogen, a second carries the cleaning material hopper with a supply of cleaning material, and a third carries additional liquid nitrogen.

Cracking furnace after decoking
Service Benefits

Linde's in-place economical pipeline cleaning method that cleans to a white-metal blasted finish while drying and inerting sections up to 10 miles long. The SANDJET service uses dry, inert nitrogen gas to propel cleaning particles through the line at high velocity to quickly remove corrosion, scale and heavy deposits. The service is also effective for removing contaminants prior to abandonment. The best part: the entire service takes only a few hours.

The service for furnace tube maintenance provides these benefits:

  • No water is required during the SANDJET service and no liquid waste is generated
  • Alleviates metallurgical concerns from water pretreatment
  • Tubes are not exposed to extreme high temperatures as often seen with steam air decoking
  • Steel shot cleaning material does not damage tube walls

SANDJET Decoking Service Literature

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