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HELITEC® Leak Detection Service
Leak detection service that quickly locates leaks in buried pipelines by using a helium tracer.
Leak Detection Under Normal Operating Pressure

The method uses a helium tracer in a gas, usually nitrogen, and a sensitive helium detector to locate leaks after all fluid is removed from the pipeline. The helium detector is used to sense the presence of helium in the air above the line. The test is usually conducted at the normal operating pressure for the line, using nitrogen with a controlled tracer of helium. The line is then allowed to sit, allowing the leaking helium to permeate through the ground.

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Service Advantages

Reduced Emissions: Once a leak is suspected, the pipeline contents are removed and the leak testing begins. Alternative methods can result in continued discharge into the environment.

Improved Safety: The HELITEC leak detection service offers safety improvements over methods that use the normal pipeline fluid by taking advantage of helium's properties. Helium is an inert gas, which means that it is very stable and not very reactive. Helium is not a flammable nor an explosive gas.

Speed and Accuracy: The HELITEC leak detection service uses a sensitive detector that is very selective for helium. Alternative methods often use detectors that are not specific to the tracer being used. Therefore, other substances can lead to false positives or negatives for substances unrelated to the discharge.

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