Water and Wastewater Treatment Options from Linde

Our industry leading offerings for water and wastewater treatment help operators to cost-effectively meet challenges such as pH control, substitution of acids, permanent and seasonal capacity increases. Linde’s gas-dissolution equipment maximizes dissolution efficiency and minimize power costs.

Process Wastewater Pre-Treatment for Select Markets

Aeration and Odor Control

By incorporating Linde’s pure oxygen into your existing process, the level of dissolved oxygen (DO) is raised enough to reduce odors without further action.
Help lower your costs, while helping the environment.

Self-Buffering pH Control

By replacing stronger mineral acids with carbon dioxide, you can lower pH levels more accurately without impacting your safety processes.
Discover Linde's experience and technical know-how

Disinfection of Process Streams

Ozone produced from oxygen can help avoid chemical residue while controlling unwanted microbial growth in your operation.
Disinfection for drinking water & wastewater treatment

Remineralization of Desalinated Water

A complete analysis and the technical support to determine how much carbon dioxide is required to reach a desired pH and restore mineral balance.
Offering everything you need for a water treatment systems

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