The Rapid Cooling Power of Nitrogen

NICOOL® Accelerated Reactor Cooldown
Linde Services Inc. is able to supply nitrogen over a wide range of temperatures. For cooling applications, we can deliver cold nitrogen for rapid reduction of the temperature of hot catalytic reactor beds using our NICOOL® accelerated reactor cool-down service.
Assisted Cool Down Using Nitrogen

A nitrogen-assisted cool down infuses the recycling atmosphere with a colder gas to maintain a large temperature differential. The nitrogen pumped into the system is a cooler gas than can be obtained from the recycle heat exchangers. Both gaseous nitrogen cooling and liquid nitrogen injection can sustain cooling rates observed during cooldown from high operating temperatures. Specific application of this method depends on the requirements, configuration and size of the reactor to be cooled.

NICOOL Service Benefits
  • Cools most reactors to less than 100°F in 8-18 hours
  • Highly efficient use of nitrogen
  • Uses recycle compressor to provide high-flow rate, cooling gas to 50°F by injecting LN2 through a sparger into the gas stream
  • Combination of high-flow rate and cool gas produces accelerated cool down
  • Uses both sensible heat of gas and latent heat of vaporization of liquid
  • Recommended for large reactors requiring multiple pumping units

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