Industrial Gases & Technology for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

High Energy and Power in Lithium-ion Battery Production

Lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in portable electronics and electric vehicles due to their high-power density and long-life cycle. Linde provides numerous gas products and related technologies with customized systems, ranging from a packaged or bulk liquid storage tank to an on-site facility to meet the diverse needs of battery manufacturers. These include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium and other specialty gases, as well as application technologies that address the various steps of the lithium battery manufacturing value chain.

Gas supply and technology in the battery production value chain

The manufacturing of mainstream lithium-ion cells is generally a well-established process. However, it is important to pay attention to the details involved to make sure that you are manufacturing a high-performance and competitive product. Linde can provide the industrial gases needed, in quantities that meet your requirements. Our integrated supply & BOO (Build, Own and Operate) model, is ideal for cathode companies that build materials for mass production given Linde's position in LOX, VPSA and ASU supply mode gives them more flexibility. Our supply network, combined with our understanding of the technologies applicable to the various steps of the lithium battery value chain, may help you achieve lower costs, higher production rates and improved quality results.


Linde Gas Offerings Linde Technology 
Raw Materials carbon dioxide, oxygen mining of copper, nickel and cobalt (O2) & lithium (CO2)

Cathode & Anode Materials

nitrogen, oxygen 

VPSA oxygen supply, EMOFLEX™ material processing gas technology,

calcination process monitoring  

Battery Metals & Precursors  carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen oxyfuel combustion
Cell Manufacturing argon, helium, nitrogen assist gas optimization for laser and arc processes
Battery Pack Manufacturing  argon, nitrogen assist gas optimization for laser and arc processes, brazing atmosphere control 

Battery Recycling 

nitrogen, oxygen  oxyfuel combustion technology, CIRRUS® VOC System

Boost productivity in material roasting

The new EMOFLEX® material processing gas technology has been developed for thorough atmosphere control. Oxygen can be added to a roaster in different ways. At Linde, our technology incorporates oxygen lancing. With this process, oxygen is injected directly into the roaster. This method of injection allows much higher levels of enrichment. The goal is to optimize the battery production process, boosting productivity. Linde's technology provides on-line monitoring of gas compositions in each zone of roller hearth kiln (RHK), as well as the real-time tracking of atmosphere changes inside the furnace. Oxygen is injected into selected zones of RHK, reducing the cycle time of the roasting process.

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