Cryogenic Freezing and Chilling Applications

Red Meat & Pork

Beef up your productivity. Whether you are dealing with raw or cooked product, Linde has a system that can help improve your productivity and throughput, without sacrificing product quality.

Cryogenic Freezing

CRYOLINE® brand in-line tunnel and spiral freezing systems use cryogenic gas impingement to remove heat rapidly & uniformly from beef and pork products.
Customized freezing of red meat & pork

Cryogenic Chilling

Product that is chilled to firm improves handling, minimizes moisture loss and slows bacterial growth. Controlling product temperature maintains yield and product value.
Discover the ACCU-CHILL® brand chilling options

Cryogen Injection for Mixer Cooling

Heat generated during mixing and grinding can accelerate bacterial growth and lead to off-flavors, decreased shelf life and spoilage.
Here are ways to protect your product

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