Cost Saving Productivity for Seafood

Cryogenic Chilling Options for Seafood
Removing heat quickly and uniformly is vital to maintaining the quality and integrity of your seafood product. A rapid, thorough chill retains moisture in the product and retains the natural attributes that make your product unique.
Shrimp on an in-line freezer belt with cryogen spray
Chicken patties cooling during transport

CO2 Snowing and Spot Cooling

Cooling Power Exactly Where Needed

Removing heat with carbon dioxide snow is an economical, precise way to cool your product at any point in your production. Linde snow dispensing devices are available in a wide range of sizes and types, so there is a snow delivery system to meet your needs. The snow horn devices allow for precise snow application to your  seafood product for immediate chilling during transfer or preparation prior to shipping.


Bulk product chilling

ACCU-CHILL® combo chiller

Bulk Product Chilling Perfected

The ACCU-CHILL® combo chiller bulk chilling system provides consistent, precise delivery of CO2 snow when packing product into bulk bins. Snow and product are packed evenly – ensuring no over-cooling nor hot spots in the bin. This significantly improves product quality, yield, and incidents of out of specification products due to becoming too warm or too cold (to the point of being frozen). For applications where smaller containers are used or to box seafood products for shipping, Linde has additional carbon dioxide snowing options. 

Linde tunnel freezer

CRYOLINE® CVT cryovantage tunnel for chilling

Cost Effective and Easy to Clean

The versatile CRYOLINE® CVT cryovantage tunnel is engineered to meet lower capital outlay. This workhorse is capable of freezing and chilling a wide variety of products and are an integral part of your continuous processing operation. This straight tunnel ensures quick, thorough chilling and maintains the quality attributes of your seafood products. This basic cryogenic tunnel incorporates many sanitation improvements that make it faster and easier to clean and meets the USDA sanitation standards.

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