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When it comes to your industrial gas and related needs, Linde is a leading worldwide integrated supplier for on-site gas supply, bulk gas supply, packaged gases, pipeline services, wear-resistant coatings, and welding products. Our customers include many major mining companies in North and South America, giving us the knowledge and experience to provide you with products, services and productivity improvements customized to your specific needs.

Our nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen is used for applications such as flotation, leaching, roasting, pressure oxidation, carbonate precipitation, and pH control and water treatment. In addition to having a nation-wide supply network, Linde is the largest gases supplier in North and South America and one of the world’s only integrated suppliers. Linde’s flexible supply options include packaged gases, bulk gases, pipelines, and on-site generation. Choose a supplier that’s reliable. Choose Linde.

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Related Gases

High-quality gases for the mining industry. We can provide you with gases needed to optimize your operations. 
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Mine Inerting

To reduce the risk of explosions in mines, a safe and efficient method is needed to maintain it in an inert state. Linde has a reliable supply of liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide that can be delivered to your mine, as well as storage and pumping equipment for the mine inerting process. 

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Hydrometallurgy involves the use of aqueous applications for the recovery of metals from ores, concentrates, and recycled or residual materials. Gold, silver, zinc and copper can be extracted through hydrometallurgy. 

Oxyfuel Combustion 

In oxyfuel combustion, coal is fired in a mixture of oxygen and recycled flue gases to produce a concentrated stream of CO2 which can be purified for sequestration through physical separation processes. Oxyfuel combustion is currently one of the main options for capturing carbon dioxide from pulverized coal power plants. 

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