Pulp and Paper Processing Aided by Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Our industrial gas and liquid mixing expertise can help mills meet environmental standards and can also provide applications that can lower operating costs and raise production. The pulp and paper you make is in high demand; connect with Linde to more effectively meet that demand. Let us help you make your paper cleaner and your more process more efficient.

ADALKA™ Process Stabilization

Developed for the producing wood-free paper and paperboard; adaptable to wood-containing papers.
More information about the ADALKA™ process

Black Liquor Oxidation

Increased liquor burning capacity with increased production extends recovery boilers lifetime.
More on extending lifetime of recovery boilers


Ozone bleaching and O2 delignification, can assist mills to effectively meet environmental standards.
Additional benefits of oxygen

Brownstock Washing

Increase production rates for bleached pulp with our CO2 brownstock washing and recovery system.
Further information about carbon dioxide's role

Delignification & Chlorine Reduction

O2 delignification can reduce chlorine requirements and offers yield enhancement in pulp production.
More on the importance of chlorine reduction

Lime Kiln Enrichment

Increasing the capacity of the lime kiln using oxygen can be achieved with a very low investment cost.
Details on lime kiln enrichment


Replace sulfuric acid with carbon dioxide to treat pitch build-up in screen rooms.
More about carbon dioxide self-buffering pH control

Wet End pH Control

Lower maintenance cost and reduce acid handling by using non-corrosive carbon dioxide.
Additional benefits of using carbon dioxide

White Liquor Oxidation

The molecular oxygen oxidation process takes place under high pressure and temperature.
Oxidation is key to improved productivity

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