Oxygenation Benefits for the Fish Farming Industry

Managing Productivity and Performance
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Benefits of Managed Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) for Aquaculture

Supplementary oxygenation provides a healthier environment for growing fish which translates into increased productivity and improved financial performance for the farm. We specialize in integrating technology that outperforms traditional air-based systems. In order to dissolve the oxygen, there needs to be a certain pressure or waterhead to get the oxygen into the water – that’s where Linde has a strong focus. All of our options require little maintenance, and our equipment is known to lower electrical costs.

We are confident that Linde oxygenation systems optimized for aquaculture help contribute to profitability. Our experts provide economical systems that are tailored for your industry, connecting you with fish farming equipment engineered to last.

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Dissolved Oxygen Level is Key

Maintaining the appropriate D.O. level helps:

  • Achieve higher stocking densities
  • Increase the health and weight of fish
  • Boost water quality
  • Verify oxygen levels at various depths
  • Improve feed conversion ratio
  • Raise specific growth rate
  • Reduce fish mortality
  • Lower the risk of disease in fish populations
  • Create a more humane environment for aquatic livestock
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Low Dissolved Oxygen Issues

Dissolved oxygen plays a significant role in the quality of water. Most of the time, oxygenation for aquaculture and fish farming are necessary when there is excessive algae growth, as these plants consume oxygen when they undergo active photosynthesis. Similarly, when algae die, the decomposition process uses a great deal of oxygen in the water. These factors can lead to poor yields and deteriorating wellbeing.

There is an ongoing need for oxygenation in aquaculture to eliminate stress on fish. It is hard to predict seasonal weather patterns, so dissolved oxygen levels help maintain a consistent environment. Aquatic species have an easier time surviving in waters where dissolved oxygen is abundantly available.

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