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As in all manufacturing and materials processes, the quality of the end product greatly depends on the properties of the base material and the precision of the machinery. At Linde, we will work with you to help you obtain the best results for today’s demands. We offer years of experience in the field, a diverse portfolio of heat treating, process, and specialty gases, and applications technologies that can improve the quality and appearance of your products, help you make highly reproducible parts, and give you more control over your process.

Linde is proud to support our customers with proven expertise in gases, metallurgy, manufacturing and a comprehensive supply network for world-class industrial and specialty gases, gas mixtures, application technologies and control and monitoring equipment.

Benefits of Industrial Gases for Manufacturing

We are known for supplying manufacturers with high-quality industrial gases for fuel enrichment, metal treatment, and atmospheric control. Rely on us to provide you with the industrial gases and supply systems for your specific applications.
Gases for manufacturing are useful for a wide range of purposes. Depending on your selection, you could see some of the advantages below:

  • Increase combustion temperatures.
  • Serve as a protective and reducing atmosphere
  • Cool materials during production
  • Produce powdered metals and decrease the risk of impurities
  • Control the transfer of heat between metal surfaces

Increase productivity while staying within your budget with industrial gases that enable you to do more with less. Our experienced team is ready to review your operations and will recommend the gases, supply systems, and equipment needed to optimize your process.

Contact us with questions about our gases for manufacturing.

See how we serve related industries:

industrial applications for manufacturing and materials processing


Annealing is the process of heating steel above the transformation temperature and slowly cooling it to increase the workability of the metal. Nitrogen or hydrogen-based atmospheres are needed for a bright annealed surface finish. 

Furnace Brazing 

Furnace brazing is commonly used when large batches of parts are to be processed at one time. We provide a reducing atmosphere to help you produce higher quality joints, with controlled heat temperatures and improved production rates.

Carburizing & Hardening 

Carburizing is a heat treatment process in which steel absorbs carbon while the metal is heated. Our technology provides ideal conditions for better control and repeatability.

Gas Quenching & Inerting 

Furnace inerting and parts quenching are common heat treating applications. We offer gases in a variety of supply systems to meet your process requirements. 


The sintering process uses compressed metal or ceramic powders to form various shapes. Our atmospheric gases help achieve a consistent performance for your sintering operation.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Proper atmosphere control is key in hot isostatic pressing. The simultaneous application of high temperature and pressure, plus Linde's argon or nitrogen gas, helps improve the metal's mechanical properties.

Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing

Nitriding and nitrocarburizing can help you increase surface wear resistance. This requires a safe and reliable supply of ammonia in order to achieve excellent process results.

Aluminum Die Cooling

Nitrogen-based cooling can help with temperature control in extrusion and dross cooling applications, increase your aluminum recovery rate and maximize productivity potential.

Additive Manufacturing

Process gases play a vital role in additive manufacturing and are involved in every step of the fabrication chain – from metal powder production through 3D printing.

Concrete Manufacturing

At Linde, we have the resources to provide you with the most advanced concrete block production process, while reducing your carbon footprint.


Products for Additive Manufacturing
ADDvance Powder Cabinet Storage

ADDvance® Powder Cabinet Storage

Linde's powder cabinet was designed to retain the quality of sensitive additive manufacturing metal powders by protecting them against ambient air and humidity, with ease of operation. 

ADDvance Cabinet for Powder Storage (876KB)

ADDvance Oxygen Precision System

ADDvance® O2 Precision System

Linde's oxygen measuring technology allows powder manufacturers to analyze and control the levels of oxygen and humidity within the printer chamber. 

ADDvance Oxygen Precision System (1MB)

Laser 230

ADDvance® Laser 230 Gas Mixture

Linde's argon-helium gas mixture was developed to take laser powder bed fusion to the next level by minimizing internal defects, mitigating fume formation and enhancing productivity.

ADDvance Laser 230 Gas Mixture (879KB)

Products for Materials Processing


Linde's HYDROFLEX Atmosphere Control System monitors the atmosphere in continuous and batch furnaces.

HYDROFLEX® Atmosphere Control System (998K)

CARBOFLEX Atmosphere System


Linde's CARBOFLEX® Nitrogen-Endogas System is designed to provide a quality atmosphere during the annealing process in furnaces. 

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CRYOFLEX® Freezers 

Linde's CRYOFLEX Freezers are offered in various models to provide you with the optimal fit for your individual parts cooling application. 

CRYOFLEX Freezers (1MB)


Impact Innovations

impactImpact Innovations is the global technology leader for cold spraying, a highly innovative process for surface coating and additive manufacturing. Linde and Impact have worked in close collaboration to develop LINSPRAY® Connect, a smart gas supply technology designed to meet the high-pressure specifications of Impact Innovation’s cold spray system. LINSPRAY Connect helps customers to achieve a stable flow of high-purity process gases at the right temperature and pressure with minimal to no fluctuations. 

Download our informational brochure to learn more.

Linde & Impact Informational Brochure (1MB)


NitrexLinde and NITREX work together to combine Linde’s expertise in industrial gases and Nitrex's technologies and equipment. This combination better enables the expanding requirements of the heat-treatment market to meet quality product needs and reproducible standards in their furnace operations. The goal is to continually develop support systems that optimize quality, safety, and control of each process while minimizing gas consumption and reducing energy waste.

Download our informational brochure to learn more:

Linde & Nitrex Informational Brochure (998KB)