Cooldown Time is Dramatically Shortened

Accelerated Reactor Cooling
Linde Services Inc. and its proven performance in both our Once-Through and NICOOL® cooling methods demonstrate our experience and skill to safely assist with your reactor cooldown projects.
Fast and Economical

Using either of our two cooldown methods, Linde Services Inc. can save you hours, and even days, of cooling and purging time during your maintenance turn-around on refinery process units. These units may incorporate fixed bed catalytic reactors and include hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters, and reformers, where proper catalyst handling is critical.

The Challenge of Reactor Cooling

High temperatures in the refining production phase mean that reducing these temperatures for maintenance is time consuming and costly. For catalyst reactor maintenance during a Turnaround, the problem is clear, too long with a lower temperature means the risk of bottlenecks and monetary loss.

Reducing turnaround duration can dramatically increase refinery profitability. Before any catalyst work can be performed on these units, the reactors must be cooled to ensure process and personnel safety. Linde Services Inc. can sustain a rapid cooling rate using the capabilities of nitrogen pumping equipment. Accelerated Reactor Cooling Literature

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