Extending Freshness

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Produce
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) systems extend the shelf life of products and help ensure freshness.
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Fresher, Crisper, Brighter - Longer

Maintain the fresh appeal of pre-packed produce using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Consumers continue to demand fresh, convenient products, and MAP helps ensure that your produce stays at its best. The experts at Linde will help you get this off the ground by providing modified atmosphere recommendations at a minimum expense.

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MAPAX® MAP gases from Linde

We offer over 200 special blends of gases that can be used to replace the natural atmosphere in a package. Since the correct gas mixture depends on many factors including your product, temperature and packaging material, we use our expertise and understanding of the technologies to select the most effective option. We may even recommend incorporating a chilling process for best results. MAPAX atmosphere packaging literature

Our Food Technologies Lab can provide recommendations customized specifically for your product

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