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Prepared Foods Perfected
Prepared foods run the thermal gamut. Different foods require varying temperature protocols — and that’s where the specialists from Linde can help. Just like in your business, the process is specific to the product. Let our experts work with you to help you figure out how to improve your process and productivity.
Cauliflower with yogurt sauce
Processed for Convenience

Cryogenic freezing and chilling systems from Linde allow your company to create the new convenience foods that today’s customers demand. Liquid nitrogen and cryogenic carbon dioxide aid in the production of these products. Staying ahead of the curve is made simpler with us. Our technical experts in the Chicago-area Food Technology Laboratory can assist you in determining how your product will function when frozen and optimizing how it performs when prepared.

Baked cherry pie
The Entire Meal

Whether an entrée, appetizer, snack or dessert, cryogenically frozen prepared foods have a desirable appearance and better moisture retention. What’s more, using a Linde cryogenic system allows for production flexibility. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ingredients may be combined together in the final packaging or produced and packaged separately for individual use by the consumer.

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