Oxygen Enhanced Offerings for Glass Melting

Oxygen Services for Air-Fuel Furnaces
Improve your process efficiency with our oxygen service portfolio

Depending on your specific requirements and challenges in your glass melting process, industrial gases can significantly contribute and help you meet your productivity, emission control, cost, and capacity needs.

The table below provides a summary of different OXYSERVICE™ options by specific customer need. Our experienced team will work with you to establish the configuration and supply mode best suited to optimize your targets.

Customer Needs
 Increase pull rate   Port Zero Boost (float/side-fired)
 Recover loss pull   Hot Spot Boosting
 Extend furnace campaign   Air/oxygen enrichment
Maintain pull toward the end of
the campaign
 Oxygen lancing
 Reduce NOx emissions  COROX™ Low NOx Oxygen Enhanced NOx Reduction
 Increase pull & reduce NOx  Reverse Hot Spot Boosting (RHSB)
Regenerator or recuperative repair
without production loss
Temporary partial or
full oxy-fuel operation with hot repair

Oxygen Enhanced NOx Reduction (OENR)

Reduce NOx emissions by injecting additional oxygen through high-pressure lances to create a more intense, directional flue gas recirculation effect within your furnace. By doing so, the main burner system produces a diluted, staged combustion process. The fuel dilution leads to a more homogeneous flame and a reduced flame temperature. Flame temperature has a direct impact on NOx levels, lowering emissions significantly and reducing the concentration of hydrocarbon radicals in the furnace. The reduction in hydrocarbons and the improved heat transfer rate also limits NOx formation.

Port Zero Boosting

Using oxyfuel burners to boost the melting capacity of glass furnaces is a proven technology, especially in float furnaces. Furnaces with conventional zero-port oxyfuel technology can boost pull rates, quality levels and furnace life when 10-15% more energy is fed into the furnace in the critical melting area.

Reverse Hot Spot Boosting

Reverse hot spot boosting is beneficial for customers that operate end-port fired regenerative furnaces. And it can be applied to unit melters or recuperative furnaces. Reverse hot spot boosting is compatible with all types of glass. It can help reduce emissions to meet regulation targets and increase furnace pull rates.

Temporary Partial or Full Oxy-fuel Operation with Hot Repair

We offer a temporary installation designed to ensure continuity of oxygen service during maintenance or repair work. This emergency support service, offered in collaboration with Hotwork International, has a turnkey option. This is beneficial if you are working with a plugged regenerator or have a leaking recuperative heat recovery system. Oxygen lances and all supporting supply equipment are delivered to your site for the duration of the maintenance work, allowing you to make all necessary repairs without production loss.

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