Refinery Enrichment Technology

Enriching Your Refinery Process
With oxygen enrichment, there is less inert nitrogen in the regenerator and the CO partial pressure is higher. These factors lead to reduced NOX.
Increasing FCC Yield with Oxygen Enrichment

Linde's oxygen enrichment technology for fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) units can help you improve regenerator capacity by up to 35%, while reducing emissions and increasing operational flexibility. Our experts have decades of experience in FCC operations and can analyze your processes and identify where oxygen can help improve performance. We also have extensive project execution and operations experience that enables us to implement FCC improvements with minimal to no downtime and a focus on safety.

Overcoming Coke Combustion Capacity Limits

FCC regenerator coke combustion capacity can be limited by the air blower rate, superficial velocity, or velocity in critical components. Because nitrogen from the air makes up a majority of the flue gas, enriching air with oxygen causes a substantial reduction in velocity. Enrichment is achieved by inserting a sparger into the airline after the air blower. Oxygen is fed to the sparger through a sophisticated safety and control system to increase capacity.

Experience and Safety

Our oxygen injection systems have been safety tested through hundreds of application technologies. We have extensive experience installing oxygen enrichment systems with over 25+ FCC units currently in service. And we combine our depth of experience and ongoing technology improvements to help you find the right system to reach your operational and environmental goals.

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