Gases, Technology & Equipment for the Transportation Industry

Driving Transport Manufacturing from Start to Finish
At Linde, we help our customers produce high-quality parts and equipment at every step of the transportation manufacturing process. Because the quality of the finished product depends on what happens on the assembly line, it is essential to make precisely reproducible parts. We supply industrial gases, equipment and advanced applications that help you do just that.

Related Gases

Our industrial gases like helium, nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen are readily available for your transportation industry needs, including heat treating, autoclave, and battery applications.
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Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

From R&D to mass production, we provide lithium-ion battery manufacturers with the expertise and industrial gas supply network needed to produce quality products. 
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Parts Manufacturing

From the body and engine to seat belts and anti-lock breaks, our gases and industrial applications help you make high quality components while reducing costs from the inside out.
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Heat Treating 

Whether you are annealing, brazing, sintering or carburizing, our nitrogen-based heat-treating applications are low in cost and high in productivity to help you meet the stringent standards of the transportation industry.
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Hydrogen Mobility

The transportation sector represents the largest contributor of greenhouses gases and, as such, reducing carbon emissions must be addressed. 
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Equipment & Technologies

Products and technology for the transportation industry. With our nitrogen supply systems and customized flow rates necessary for your operations, you can perform autoclave inerting tasks to manufacture durable, yet lightweight high-performance parts.

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