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Linde Services Inc. helps minimize downtime and reduce risks during turnarounds and routine maintenance throughout your facility. Our wide range of mobile nitrogen pumping services and applications include accelerated cooling, pipeline purging & inerting, hot stripping & accelerated drying, inert entry support, and furnace tube decoking.


Drying, Blanketing, Inerting & Purging

For refinery turnaround, protective atmospheres, hazard prevention & corrosion avoidance.
More on the unique benefits of these tailored services

Inert Entry Support

Providing inert entry support service to maintain an inert atmosphere during confined space entry.
An inert nitrogen atmosphere is key

Furnace Decoking

Rapidly remove coke and furnace tube scale deposits and then sweep away deposits in a nitrogen stream.
More on rapid removal of coke and scale deposits

Reactor Decontamination

The residues left after purge in tanks & piping emit H2S & volatiles requiring suspension of maintenance activities.
Details on IN2ERT™ services, hot nitrogen & LEL freeing

Accelerated Reactor Cooling

Service directly ties into existing processes and enables recirculation of N2 gas for unit cooldown and purging.
Here's how cooled reactors ensure process safety.

Pressure Testing & Leak Detection

An industry recognized test method with precision sensitivity and compatibility with site operations.
Services for existing vessels and piping

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