Cooldown Prior to Reactor Entry

JETCOOL® Accelerated Cooling
Reactors operating at elevated temperatures must be cooled down prior to reactor entry when the catalyst has become fouled.
Accelerated Cooling

The JETCOOL process is a Linde proprietary recycling system that ties directly into existing processes and enables the recirculation of nitrogen gas for unit cooldown and purging. The system delivers up to 50% reduction in nitrogen gas usage and reduces overall cooldown time by up to 50%.

JETCOOL Accelerated Cooling Product Literature

JetCool skid for cooling refinery and chemical plants
The System Specifications

The JETCOOL system utilizes a Linde designed computer model to uniquely optimize the reactor system and predict nitrogen flowrate, temperature, recycle ratio, volume, and time required for cooldown. The proprietary equipment is designed to safely control the cooldown process by controlling the nitrogen flowrate and temperature to maintain specified target temperature and cooldown rate.

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