The Linde Green™ Option

Carbon-Free Oxygen
Oxygen is produced through air separation, which involves separating it from the air we breathe. As with all our atmospheric gases, the energy used to separate oxygen from the air comes from two sources - carbon-based and carbon-free. In addition to the traditional electricity generation, we also produce oxygen we certify using 100% carbon-free energy as part of our commitment to sustainability.
OXygen periodic table element sysmbol
Why Linde Green?

With Linde Green oxygen, our customers can be assured that they are using oxygen produced with carbon-free energy. This allows for a lower carbon footprint and supports the customer's commitment to lower the carbon footprint of their operation. Zero carbon oxygen helps customers achieve their carbon reduction targets. 

Linde Green™ Oxygen Product Sheet

Glass production using oxygen
Industry Decarbonization

Oxygen is a vital gas in industrial applications, from combusting fuels to life-support systems. Like nitrogen, oxygen is in the air all around us. When oxygen is separated from the air using carbon-free energy it is identified as Linde Green oxygen. Carbon-free oxygen can help support customer sustainability and decarbonization programs. Swapping traditionally produced oxygen with the carbon-free version can help reduce the carbon footprint of your products.

Oxygen bleaching of wood pulp
Oxidation and Furnace Enhancement

Oxygen is used to produce pulp and paper, which requires the use of oxygen in several stages of the process, including the oxidative bleaching of wood pulp. Glass and ceramic furnaces, as well as other combustion processes, use oxygen as an oxidative enabler for their production process by controlling the furnace's temperature and other heat requirements.

Oxygen dissolution in aquaculture tank
Oxygenation Applications

Water treatment plants use oxygen to raise the dissolved oxygen levels promoting optimum gas level for aerobic digestion during wastewater treatment. Oxygenation maintains acceptable oxygen levels in the treatment process to help break down organic compounds found in wastewater. Additionally, oxygen is used in the aquaculture industry as a means of increasing fish production. Fish farmers can provide enough oxygen to fish using Linde’s dissolution systems. This action of dissolving oxygen into the recirculating water sustains healthy and abundant fish crops.

Spacecraft launch through clouds
Space to Breathe

Oxygen is also critical in space programs where it is used as the oxidizer making it essential for the combustion process. Oxygen helps burn the fuel in order to launch spacecraft. Lastly, but no less important, the healthcare industry uses oxygen for various applications, allowing individuals to breathe during oxygen therapy, inhalation therapy, and life support. 

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