Carbon-Free Alternative to Conventional Fuels

Hydrogen Power for Ferries and Other Vessels
Hydrogen powered ferry
Hydrogen-Powered Maritime Vessels

Hydrogen is an effective energy carrier with potential for reducing carbon emissions when used as a maritime fuel. Hydrogen will play a significant role in the future of zero-emission ships, ferries and other maritime vessels helping to define the marine sector's transition to climate-friendly fuel. As a top hydrogen supplier, Linde was selected to supply the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry. Learn more about the world's first hydrogen-powered ferry

Cargo ship anchored in port
Other Options on the High Seas

Several shipping companies are experimenting with hydrogen power. Hydrogen-powered cargo ships are being developed in the next phase of decarbonization in the maritime industry. These ships could mark the start of a broader shift to hydrogen fuel within the shipping industry. As more hydrogen-powered ships are built, designs will get better and fuel efficiency will be realized.

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