Reactor Cooling for Chemicals 

linde Cryogenic Reactor Cooling with Nitrogen for Chemical Manufacturing

A different degree of control

Sometimes, having control over your manufacturing process is all about maintaining the correct temperature.  If you have the need to achieve very low-temperatures in your chemical synthesis or if you need to rapidly remove evolved heat from a reaction vessel, we can offer you a variety of systems to help you do just that.  At Linde, our CUMULUS™ and DCOOL™ liquid nitrogen-based cooling systems can be used for a wide range of applications including cooling fluids in reactors, crystallizers, lyophilizers, extraction vessels and other process equipment.  Compared with mechanical refrigeration, cryogenic cooling offers several advantages including the ability to achieve lower temperatures more rapidly, simplicity of operation and maintenance, reduced power demand, a smaller footprint, and no environmentally harmful emissions.

All of our reactor cooling systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and our dedicated staff will work with you to find the system that provides optimum results for your business.

DCOOL™ Direct Injection Cooling

The Linde DCOOL Direct Injection Cooling System uses a proprietary non-freezing injection system to cool fluids by injecting liquid nitrogen directly in the reaction vessel. The direct injection of liquid nitrogen into the reaction vessel allows heat to be removed rapidly.  This helps shorten batch time and enhances productivity by reducing by-product formation. By applying this technology we were  able to help a leading chemical manufacturer reduce their batch cool time from four hours to one hour, while cooling from room temperature to -40°C. Our ability to help maintain consistent production environments with temperature variations of less than 1°C greatly enhances productivity by reducing by-product formation. The key to this technology is our process control, efficient solvent recovery system and innovative injection nozzle designs.

CUMULUS™ Fluid Temperature Control Systems

The CUMULUS™ Fluid Temperature Control System is part of the line of indirect cooling systems that use liquid nitrogen to cool a heat transfer fluid. This fluid can be circulated to various types of process equipment to achieve temperatures of -100°C or below with a degree of control within 1°C.  The compact and reliable system can be installed indoors or outdoors, and comes equipped with its own proprietary control system. The liquid nitrogen used in CUMULUS systems never comes in contact with the heat transfer fluid or the reactor contents, resulting in a clean gaseous nitrogen that is available for reuse elsewhere in the plant; for example, in blanketing applications. The CUMULUS Fluid Temperature Control Systems are available in five cooling capacities and three frame sizes ranging from a 5 kW laboratory module to a 100 kW production unit.  

CUMULUS FTC system —Process cooling equipment (680KB)

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