Nitrogen Stripping

One of the most challenging aspects of chemical manufacturing is obtaining and maintaining purity in your process fluids. The presence of oxygen, moisture, and other soluble contaminants can damage your end products and processing equipment. At Linde, we can help you resolve this problem through a proven contaminant removal method called nitrogen stripping. Nitrogen stripping is a lucrative, inexpensive, value-adding processing step, applicable to a variety of chemical manufacturing operations. With our nitrogen stripping systems and inerting technology, fluid contaminants are reduced to extremely low levels in a safe, controlled, and cost-efficient manner. Linde has many years of experience in gas and liquid mixing and offers several nitrogen stripping system configurations to meet a variety of needs. We can help improve your operations by custom tailoring a stripping system to match your precise purity requirements, fluid viscosity, operating conditions and process equipment. Linde's trained field specialists can assist you in determining the feasibility and selection of a system that yields optimum processing efficiency for your operation.

Aiding in the removal of contaminants in your process

Supersonic In-line Stripping

The supersonic in-line stripping system is designed for use in batch or continuous operations. It utilizes low-velocity, two-phase flow principles to disperse nitrogen gas streams with shock waves. The system creates extremely fine nitrogen bubbles, resulting in a maximum mass transfer surface area. It can be easily installed directly into your process piping and allows for convenient single-stage nitrogen stripping of process fluids. In addition, multiple in-line stripping systems can be installed along the same line to minimize stripping time.

Batch Stripping

In batch operations, Linde's nitrogen stripping in-line system can be used with a recycle loop. By adjusting the recycle and nitrogen flow rates, undesirable components can be reduced to any level required. While alternative batch stripping devices exist, like gas spargers and sintered metal plates, they are not as efficient as Linde's system. Compared to sparging, our in-line system reduces stripping time by up to 90%.

Multi-Stage Column Stripping

For applications requiring extremely low contaminant levels, our proprietary multi-stage column stripping system offers optimal processing efficiency. For example, a water stream with oxygen strips down to 5 parts per billion level in a single pass. Less than 5 gallons to more than 500 gallons of water per minute can be treated using the least amount of nitrogen possible, allowing substantial savings in gas consumption costs. This results in superior operating performance over bubbling columns.

Other Stripping Methods

Processors can face operating and equipment constraints that necessitate the use of specialized methods other than nitrogen stripping, like vacuum stripping or pipe sparging. When confronted with a unique problem, we can assist you in designing a stripping method that satisfies your particular situation.

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