The Linde Green™ Option

Carbon-Free Nitrogen
Nitrogen is a commonly used atmospheric gases and makes up about 80% of the air we breathe. It is produced by air separation. Its primary use is in industrial processes such as welding and metal fabrication. Nitrogen is also used in the food industry to freeze and preserve food items, and in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to ensure that medicines are packaged properly.
Nitrogen periodic table detail
Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Moving beyond the traditional energy sources to generate electricity, we now produce our Linde Green™ nitrogen using 100% carbon-free energy. This means that our customers can use a product that not only meets their purity needs but that we aslo certify as having a lower carbon footprint. With Linde Green™ nitrogen, our customers can trust that they are using nitrogen produced with carbon-free energy. This allows them to make their processes more sustainable while still meeting the demands of their industry. Linde Green™ Nitrogen Product Sheet

Beef steaks in nitrogen freezer
Wide Range of Applications

Linde Green™ nitrogen can deliver a range of benefits to support programs for sustainability and decarbonization. Nitrogen can be found in food freezing, a critical feature that keeps foods fresh for extended periods by reducing their temperature to -40°C or lower. Nitrogen is also used for packaging food and other products to preserve their quality. Nitrogen is also used to pressurize beer, soda, and water, ensuring the quality of these beverages, and keep them fresh. In addition to pressurizing, nitrogen purges to ensure products remain uncontaminated.

Vaccine production line with gas inerted vials
Carbon-Free Gas Inerting

Some processes require extremely low oxygen levels, and Linde Green™ nitrogen offers the necessary level of inertness needed. It is used to fill the space in storage tanks as a blanketing gas, preventing oxidation and controlling the build-up of unwanted gases. Inerting, processes rely on nitrogen to eliminate reactive elements from industrial equipment before filling it with other gases or liquids. Nitrogen is also used in autoclaving as a sterilization agent, heat treating metals before manufacturing, and benefits the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with specialized applications.

Parts of a car engine that relay on nitrogen for produciton
Nitrogen in Other Industries

General manufacturing uses nitrogen during assembly operations, painting, and cleaning to ensure a product's consistency and quality. The electronics industry uses it during production and testing to save on costs. Nitrogen is also part of the manufacturing of automotive, aviation and other transportation parts to increase efficiency and reduce wear and tear. Nitrogen is effectively used as a fire suppression agent and in liquefying natural gas, a cleaner and more efficient fuel source.

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