Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide & the Linde Innovation Center

Aquaculture Gases and Related Gas Technology Development
SOLVOX ceramic diffuser for oxygenation

Linde is a leader in oxygenation technology for aquaculture. Linde's expansive line of SOLVOX® oxygenation products, including the SOLVOX membrane oxygenator in-line product system, are all designed for high energy efficiency, optimal oxygen utilization, operational reliability and balanced hydrodynamic conditions inside the tank. Dissolved oxygen concentrations are constantly affected by diffusion and aeration, photosynthesis, respiration and decomposition.

Lab Tech observing algae culutres

Carbon dioxide is injected into ponds and raceways to enhance the growth rate of microalgae used as a feedstock for the production of valuable nutrients and chemicals. This application of CO2 has also been proposed as a method to recycle carbon emissions by incorporating CO2 into the production of aquatic biomass. In addition, the dissolution of carbon dioxide helps to neutralize pH following photosynthesis cycles.

Linde aquaculture innovation center
Linde Innovation Center

The Innovation Center for Aquaculture is Linde's headquarters for developing gas technology for the industry. Linde's advanced oxygenation applications are key to the development of potentially sustainable aquaculture systems.

Located in Ålesund, Norway, the center is where it all happens. From concept to prototyping to rigorous testing under various simulated conditions, the company’s product offerings are optimized at the center. Featured is a 55m3 tank (14.5k U.S. liquid gallons) where both aquaculture technologists and customers may observe the latest oxygenation technologies impact on fish development within an optimal on-land farming enclosure.

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