Don't Let a Small Leak Become a Big Problem

Pressure Testing & Leak Detection
Pipeline networks often need their mechanical integrity tested as part of an asset integrity program or for re-rating at a higher pressure. We offer pneumatic testing with our nitrogen pumping services and technology for leak detection and location in piping systems.
Protecting Profits by Retaining Product

Damaged pipes not only leak product but profits and productivity. That’s why we provide a comprehensive suite of accurate and reliable technologies and services that are designed to fit the needs and budget of your business and are backed by the best experience and reputation in the industry.

Leak Detection

For buried piping, the TRACER TIGHT® leak detection technology is available for a wide range of applications. The TRACER TIGHT technology is one of the most accurate and sensitive leak detection and location technologies available. This technology is capable of satisfying most state regulatory requirements, and can be used as a compliance, consent decree, due diligence, or pinpointing tool. It even exceeds U.S. EPA requirements for precision tightness testing. Leaks as small as 1 gallon per day (0.05 gph) can be detected without interruption or excavation. This method is third-party evaluated and is listed by the U.S. EPA National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations (NWGLDE). TRACER TIGHT Detection Technology Product Sheet

SEEPERTRACE illustration of use
Leak Location

We’ve also developed the SEEPER TRACE® pipeline leak location service for long-distance pipelines. This commercially available technology quickly and cost-effectively locates leaks in buried pipelines that carry liquids, gases or multi-phase products. A leak as small as 2.5 gallons per day can be detected without service interruption or excavation.

And finally, our HELITEC® helium leak detection service quickly locates leaks in buried pipelines as well as plant piping and systems. The method uses a helium tracer in a gas, usually with nitrogen as a carrier gas, and a sensitive helium detector. The normal fluid is removed from the line, the line is pressurized with the test gas, and then the helium detector is used to sense the presence of helium in the air above the line.  Nitrogen Pipeline Services Product Sheet

SEEPER TRACE Leak Detection Product Sheet

HELITEC Helium Leak Detection

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