Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Decarbonizing Additional Industries

Linde is one of the first companies to introduce liquefied atmospheric gases produced using renewable energy. This enables our customers to reduce the CO2 footprint from their operational processes that utilize argon, nitrogen or oxygen. Through our proprietary process to produce hydrogen with a lower carbon intensity, we can provide hydrogen with a 40% to 100% lower carbon intensity than hydrogen produced via traditional steam methane reforming of natural gas.

With Linde Green™ atmospheric gases and Linde low carbon intensity hydrogen, we can help support your carbon reduction program to reduce the carbon footprint of your process.

Biofuel Refinery Products

Biofuels from renewable feedstocks can be used as replacement for fossil fuels providing a lower carbon transportation fuel option.
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Hydrogen is used to produce synthetic liquid fuels from biomass resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
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Food Freezing

Reducing carbon footprint by utilizing cryogenic nitrogen certified as being produced using 100% carbon-free energy.
Nitrogen liquefied using carbon-free energy sources


Blends of traditional fuels with hydrogen results in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
Hydrogen fuel blends & carbon-free oxygen for burners

Steel Production

Utilizing a Tuyere air nozzle with added hydrogen as a co-injection gas reduces carbon emissions.
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