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Pipeline Displacement
Linde Service Inc. provides a one-step displacement, drying, and inerting process.
Nitrogen Pumping Services for Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

Linde nitrogen–assisted displacement provides a safe, fast and inexpensive means of removing product from a pipeline, whether for repair, product changeover or for product recovery when a pipeline is deactivated. In a single step, product is removed and the line is left with a dry and inert atmosphere. No matter what line contains be it natural gas liquids, crude oil, gasoline, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, ethylene or other liquid, our detailed analysis of the line profiles and project conditions allows for the most efficient displacement.

Pipeline Displacement Literature

Pipeline assembly and installation at construction site
Construction Assistance

Linde Services Inc. provides pipeline modeling from our computer-based engineering program. With this program, our engineering group can input your milepost and elevation data to accurately predict the time and resource requirement to clear your pipeline of product. From the moment we first arrive at the job site, safety is our number one concern. Our equipment, employees, and procedures are subjected to rigorous, ongoing safety reviews and we are equipped to match the type of nitrogen service we offer to each application for optimum economy and performance.

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