Select LINDE Gases and Gas Delivery Systems for AQUACULTURE

Taking oxygenation to a new level

Aquaculture, with its increasingly sophisticated onshore and offshore fish farming systems, is becoming widely recognized as a more sustainable option for meeting the rapidly rising global demand for seafood products. Oxygen and oxygenation systems from Linde help the aquaculture industry tackle a number operational challenges to establishing a successful enterprise.

Supplementary oxygenation provides a healthier environment for growing fish which translates into increased productivity and improved financial performance for the farm. Maintaining the appropriate level of dissolved oxygen helps:

  • Achieve higher stocking densities

  • Improve feed conversion ratio

  • Raise specific growth rate 

  • Reduce fish mortality

  • Create a more humane environment for aquatic livestock


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Buy Linde gases for aquaculture applications 


Linde is a leader in oxygenation technology for aquaculture. Linde's expansive line of SOLVOX® oxygenation products including the SOLVOX membrane oxygenator in-line product system are all designed for high energy efficiency, good oxygen utilization, operational reliability and optimum hydrodynamic conditions inside the tank. Dissolved oxygen concentrations are constantly affected by diffusion and aeration, photosynthesis, respiration and decomposition.


Carbon dioxide is injected into ponds and raceways to enhance the growth rate of microalgae used as a feedstock for the production of valuable nutrients and chemicals. This application of CO2 has also been proposed as a method to recycle carbon emissions by incorporating CO2 into the production of aquatic biomass. In addition, the dissolution of carbon dioxide helps to neutralize pH following photosynthesis cycles.

Linde Innovation Center

The Innovation Center for Aquaculture is Linde's headquarters for developing gas technology for the industry. Linde's advanced oxygenation applications are key to the development of potentially sustainable aquaculture systems.

Use LINDE Gases and oxygen Delivery Systems for AQUACULTURE

SOLVOX® OxyStream

The OxyStream dissolver is a patented, all-in-one product that oxygenates the water and creates the proper hydro-dynamic flow characteristics in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) tanks.

OxyStream low-pressure oxygen dissolver (599KB)

SOLVOX® membrane oxygenator

I-SO in-line oxygenatorThis highly efficient in-line oxygenator is a proprietary technology designed for aquaculture systems that have high water flow rates. It maintains optimal dissolved oxygen levels with a low pressure drop that lowers pumping energy requirements.

In-line oxygenator (633KB)


Designed for ease of operation and handling along with high efficiency, the DropIn system is ideal for oxygenation of enclosed or partially enclosed ocean cages. The units are supplied complete with integrated pump and DO sensor.

SOLVOX® cone 60/110

SOLVOX C units in useThe cone-shaped unit is a pressure dissolver for use in both fresh and sea water. The addition of the pressurizer increases the rate of oxygen transfer to the water.

SOLVOX® aquaculture hose

A perforated hose system for dissolving of oxygen without auxiliary energy. The oxygenation hose is fixed on a support at the bottom of a tank.

SOLVOX® cone booster

Solvox CV unitA companion to the SOLVOX C pressurizer further boosts oxygenation dissolving capacity by almost 50% in comparison to other oxygenation systems.

SOLVOX® ceramic diffuser

SOLVOX CD ceramic diffuserThis high-performance, aluminum-housed oxygen dissolving unit is the ideal way to provide additional oxygenation to individual tanks or raceways and to supply oxygen in emergencies.