Rapid Heat Removal

Freezing Red Meat & Pork
Options for space savings, cost savings and boosted productivity.
Hamburger patties cryogenically frozen
Linde tunnel freezer

CRYOLINE® CVT cryovantage tunnel freezer

Cost Effective and Easy to Clean

The versatile CRYOLINE® CVT cryovantage tunnel freezer is engineered to meet lower capital outlay. These workhorse freezers are capable of freezing and chilling a wide variety of products and are an integral part of your continuous processing operation. This straight tunnel freezer incorporates many proven technologies that ensure quick, thorough freezing and maintains the quality attributes of your products. This basic cryogenic tunnel freezer incorporates many sanitation improvements that make it faster and easier to clean and meets the USDA sanitation standards.

Flight freezer belt

CRYOLINE® UPF ultra performance flighted freezer

Select the Best for IQF

In order to produce the highest quality IQF product, the Linde system exposes the product to cryogen at the freezer entrance ensuring a quick crust freezing. Short individual belt flights gently tumble foods for reduced fines and deliver even, quick freezing on all surfaces. Yield is also maximized through direct cryogen injection at key points throughout the freezer tunnel. Additionally, a wider belt width results in shorter tunnel lengths, allowing processors to maximize throughput while conserving valuable floor space.

Linde spiral freezer

CRYOLINE® UPS ultra performance PLUS spiral freezer

More Cold in Less Space

Your floor space is one of your most valuable assets and you need to make equipment purchase decisions with careful consideration to size and performance. Linde can give you the best of both worlds. Our CRYOLINE® UPS ultra performance PLUS spiral freezer delivers more cold per square foot in a compact footprint to minimize its impact on the manufacturing floor. And the spiral design offers advanced cryogenic delivery ideal for any freezing and chilling application.

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