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Special Services for Your Operations, Plants or Pipelines

Our industrial services are extensive and offer refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, storage terminals, utilities and steel mills the services needed to maintain operations.

HELITEC® Leak Detection

Leak detection service offers safety improvements over methods that use the normal pipeline fluid.
More about this helium sensitive detector

IN2ERT™ Chemical Decontamination

The residues left after purge in tanks & piping emit H2S & volatiles that are removed using this offering.
Details of IN2ERT accelerated cleaning and LEL freeing

JETCOOL® Accelerated Reactor Cooling

A system that ties into existing processes & enables the recirculation of N2 gas for cooldown & purging.
Save time and reduce costs on turnarounds

MobileGen™ System

Linde Services Inc. has introduced a Mobile Nitrogen Generation System for local use point operations.
Mobile version of nitrogen generation technology

NICOOL™ Reactor Cooldown 

Reactors operating at elevated temperatures must be cooled down prior to reactor entry.
More on the use of nitrogen to cool the recirculating gas

SANDJET™ Furnace Tube Decoking

Removes coke & scale from furnace tubes using particles propelled by a high velocity N2 gas stream.
Details about this decoking service


These leak detection services are for periodic pipeline integrity assessments or to locate a suspected release.
Information on these walkover pipeline integrity services

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