Maintaining the Integrity of Pipeline Assets

Nitrogen for Purging, Drying and Inerting
Providing mobile nitrogen pumping services to pipeline networks for a wide range of project needs. Services include product displacement, drying, purging & inerting, pneumatic pressure testing and interior cleaning.
Nitrogen on Demand

Utilizing previous knowledge for onsite production systems, Linde Services developed the new mobile system to produce nitrogen gas from the air at the use point. This production technology has been demonstrated globally at existing systems with 24-hour reliability. The market demand for local nitrogen gas production has grown and Linde Services Inc. has developed a mobile version of the N2 generation technology to meet this demand.

Linde Service Inc. nitrogen pumping services
Providing Nitrogen on Site

Having nitrogen gas produced on site makes it immediately available for use in purging, inerting, and drying applications for columns, reactors, piping, and tanks. This includes operations at chemical plants, refineries, natural gas facilities, and pipeline networks. Automated purity control assures product quality is maintained throughout the project.

Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

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