Glass Forming

LINDE Gases & technologies for glass forming 

Mold coating for press and blow forming processes 

Glass Forming Technology has been developed to overcome the shortcomings of manual lubrication processes and the problems associated with oil-based automated lubrication systems and other coating options. Our flame-based carbon coating solution combusts acetylene under precise and reproducible conditions and thus separates it into hydrogen and carbon. Nearly 100% of the carbon created is then deposited as a thin layer on the blank mold surface. 

The oil-free, automated mold lubrication system offers a versatile process that can be applied to all types of glass. It an effective surface coating technique because it makes use of the material-specific release and insulating properties of pure carbon. Compared with alternative methods for surface coating, the application of carbon can offer numerous advantages: 

  • Reproducible coating results
  • Constant glass quality
  • Stable temperature profiles
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Reduced workplace pollution
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning effort

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