Efficient Neutralization and Remineralization at Low Energy Cost

Carbon Dioxide for Water
The SOLVOCARB® venturi is a low pressure drop gas-liquid venturi contactor that provides excellent bubble distribution for effective gas dissolution.
Air bubbles in processed water

The Depth of Our Services

Recognized as one of the world’s largest suppliers of CO2, we provide everything you need for superior CO2 water treatment systems including custom design of gas injection and control system, installation services and product supply through Linde's production plants and reliable delivery vehicles. In addition, Linde’s Water Treatment Sample Program provides complete analysis and technical support to determine how much CO2 is required to adequately treat water to a desired pH. CO2 for pH Control Following Lime Softening in Drinking Water Treatment 

Glass of remineralized, pH adjusted water
Remineralizing Desalinated Water

Desalinated water is not suitable for direct use as it is prone to corrosion and has adverse effects on human health and the environment. Desalinated water is slightly acidic, lacks minerals and cannot be used un-buffered, thus making remineralization an important component downstream of desalination. Linde’s SOLVOCARB® product line has been developed as a reliable and safe solution to meet neutralization and remineralization needs across a broad application spectrum from wastewater, process and drinking water. SOLVOCARB® Venturi - Carbon Dioxide for Water