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Manufacturing Spacecraft Components
Today, more and more of the spacecraft engines that ascend layer by layer through the Earth’s atmosphere are themselves built layer by layer.
Additive manufacturing part and powder
Spacecraft Parts

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing is a preferred method of manufacturing engine components, such as combustion chambers and turbopumps. Some satellite and spacecraft structural components are also produced by this method. AM is ideally suited for manufacture of space parts where low weight, high strength and complex geometries are need. Linde Advance Material Technologies is a leading supplier of titanium, nickel-chrome superalloy, and copper alloy metal powders to the space industry. Linde also provides argon and nitrogen gas to produce additive manufacturing metal powders, and specialty gas atmospheres for additive manufacturing.

Pressure gauge ring made from copper alloy powder
Adding Possibility

Additive Manufacturing is increasingly being used in space exploration for various applications. This is because AM allows for lighter, less expensive and more efficient parts to be made due to the unique geometries that are possible with AM as well as the materials used. Many companies want to develop spacecraft engines quickly, and the easiest way to do that is to change manufacturing processes. As a result, engineers are using additive manufacturing to 3D print engine parts with a copper alloy powder, which can withstand high temperatures. In addition to the production of specific parts, additive manufacturing is also being used in the aerospace industry for the creation of 3D printed engine components. This growing trend enables the industry to reduce the weight of final parts.

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