Optimize Your Integrity Program

Terminal and Tank Integrity

Engaging Linde Services Inc. allows for bulk storage tanks and terminal operations to be tested while in-service, during hydrostatic testing or when out of service using nitrogen. Linde’s TracerTight™ technology can be used proactively to reduce liability and risk by certifying above ground storage tanks are leak free.

Leak Detection & Testing

We offer an extensive portfolio of services that start by optimizing your asset's process efficiency and integrity.
Quickly locate and cost-effectively identify leaks

Accelerated Cleaning & Decontamination

Purged tanks require removal of residues, H2S & volatiles prior to maintenance activities.
More on the IN2ERT cleaning system & lowering LEL

Pressure Testing

New vessels need their mechanical integrity proven prior to use. Existing vessels can require a similar test.
Pneumatic testing with our nitrogen pumping services

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