industrial gases and applications for the space industry 

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We have been involved in space industry developments at Linde for over a century. Today, our industrial gases, services, and supply systems allow our customers, both established and those that are growing, to meet environmental and safety standards, reduce operating costs, and most importantly, continue to push the boundaries. Staying ahead in the space business is important and our industrial gases can help you innovate and achieve success.

We are proud to support space launch programs that make commercial space travel a reality, develop wear-resistant coatings to help engines last longer, and supply industrial gases and liquids to testing facilities to ensure you get where you need to go, safely. We work hard on the ground to help your business take off!

Proud History, Promising Future

Supplying the space industry is not new to Linde. Linde-supplied liquid oxygen has supported customers such as the Kennedy Space Center since the Apollo program. From portable and temporary supplies, to bulk needs, to on-site production, Linde has it all. And as your business grows, Linde grows with you, to meet your changing needs. That means you can rely on Linde to meet your needs today...and tomorrow.

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Industrial gases for the space exploration

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Nitrogen is used for cryogenic cooling, purging, inerting, and pressurizing delivery systems. Most of the nitrogen is used during ground processing to simulate the cold temperatures and vacuum of space. Autoclaves pressurized with nitrogen are used to cure fiber composite parts for spacecraft.

Oxygen Oxygen rollover Oxygen

Liquid oxygen is used in many bipropellant vehicles. Oxygen, combined with cryogenic liquid methane, fuels raptor engines, which provide the thrust required for liftoff. In metal fabrication, the flame temperature and intensity depends on the fuel gases used and oxygen mixing ratio.

Hydrogen Hydrogen rollover Hydrogen

Hydrogen is used as a fuel propellant, for fuel cell purging during operations, and for powering life-support systems and computers in space environments.

Helium Helium rollover Helium

Helium is used as a lift gas, in both liquid and gas form, to purge and pressurize liquid hydrogen fuel systems, to maintain tank pressures of engines before takeoff, and to detect leaks.

Xenon Xenon rollover Xenon

Xenon is used for spacecraft solar electric propulsion. It is a rare gas that is easily ionized and generates a desirable level of thrust when ions are accelerated.  Argon and krypton may also be used.

Gases for MANUFACTURe, testing, propulsion and launch of space components   

Component  Integrity

Spacecraft components and satellites are tested in thermal vacuum chambers, cooled by Linde specialty and industrial gases to simulate the cold temperatures and vacuum of space.

Launch Fuels and Engine Testing  

Industrial gases play critical roles in engine testing and launches. Launch vehicles use cryogenic propellants, liquefied gases stored at low temperatures, that serve as fuel and oxidizers.

Thrust Propellants

Rare gases are used for spacecraft and satellite solar electric propulsion. These gases are used to power ion thrusters, allowing aircraft to reach and maintain desired orbits.

Powders for Additive Manufacturing 

Metal alloy powders are used to “3-D print” engine parts and other spacecraft components. Powder applications are used for spacecraft structure and satellite components.


Alloy Powders 

Additive Mfg Powder Linde Advanced Material Technologies has pioneered the best-performing surface protection coatings in the industry. With unmatched quality and experience, they have also become a leading supplier of gas-atomized metal powders, such as titanium, nickel-chrome super alloy, and copper alloy metal to the space industry. Linde Advanced Material Technologies' additive manufacturing powders flow easily and deposit evenly, resulting in successive layers with consistent density and uniform build rates. This helps products meet the mechanical, performance and final part specifications of the aerospace industry, as it manufactures 3D printed parts. Additive manufacturing is a preferred method of manufacturing engine components, such as combustion chambers and turbopumps.

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At Linde, we do more than provide industrial gases and products to the aerospace industry. Our high-volume systems and high-pressure pumping technology deliver reliable supply and reduce product loss, while our pressure testing and cleaning services help maintain tank and piping integrity. Regardless of what challenges you may be facing in your process, our tailor-made supply systems will help you obtain improved performance and get the most out of your supply. 

We will work with you to optimize every step of your manufacturing process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply, so you can improve your product quality.

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