An Expanding Transportation Fuel Network

Hydrogen Fueling of Heavy-Duty Trucks and Bus Fleets
Fleet of heavy duty trucks
Hydrogen for Transport

The vision of hydrogen-powered mobility is compelling: Fleet vehicles - both trucks and buses - with a built-in power plant that matches the range of combustion engines but are more efficient and emit only water vapor. Governments and local authorities are being called on not only to expand existing public rail and road infrastructure but to support transportation advances with sustainable mobility options. This also means reducing the environmental impact – and greenhouse emissions in particular – of diverse mobility options.

Hydrogen fueling station for bus fleet
The Road Ahead

Buses - Around 50 hydrogen fuel cell buses are on the road in California today. Electric buses can be easily retrofitted to use hydrogen fuel cells. A growing number of fuel cell demonstrations are in the planning stages across the United States.
Trucks - are supported by partnerships in the industry for continued development of hydrogen-based energy. Utilization of the existing infrastructure is helping to promote wider adoption.

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