Helping Refineries Succeed in Today’s Challenging Environment

Refining Expectations with Linde Gases

Providing unique application technologies for the refining industry. These technologies require minimal capital, utilize oxygen & other industrial gases, and increase process unit capacity while reducing emissions and improving reliability.

Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) O2 Enrichment

Improve the regenerator capacity of your FCC Unit by up to 35% with Linde's oxygen enrichment technology.

Hyco Plants

Facilities that produce hydrogen, carbon monoxide or mixtures of the two. These plants are typically operated with feed stocks of natural gas, refinery off gas, naphtha, and other light hydrocarbons.

Oxygen for Process Heaters

Oxy-fuel combustion for fired heaters will decrease fuel consumption and increase capacity. This improves heater efficiency and reduces NOx emissions.

Sulphur Recovery

Rely on oxygen enrichment to increase the capacity of Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Claus plants eliminating the need for new, costly sulfur removal units.

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